About Us (C&S)

Clubs and societies are one easiest ways to get involved, interact with people from different courses and find people with common cultural backgrounds or interests and hobbies. Although being in academia is typically associated with studying hard and acing exams, clubs and societies are an integral part of many students’ university experiences.

There is an eclectic range of clubs and societies in Monash Univeristy Malaysia, where over 40 clubs and societies serve to suit the different interests and cultures. These clubs and societies range from areas such as musical, cultural, religious to different sports and hobbies. In addition, there are numerous course-related clubs, which help students to build relations with their coursemates.


The Clubs and Societies division, serving under the umbrella of the Monash University Student Association aims to enhance the students’ university experiences by assisting each and every club and society with all enquires and issues related.

The second week of every semester, famously known as the “Clubs and Societies Week” is a week of promoting and enlightening. Booths of every club and society will be extended throughout campus where students are able to interact face to face with the club/society representatives and get information about their areas of interest. Another major event organized by the C&S Division is the annual Sports Carnival, where students can form teams to participate in various sporting events, such as basketball, futsal, obstacle courses, and the list goes on! This year, the division will be introducing a new event called the Monash Cup. Students will be sorted into 4 houses to compete against each other in 13 different sports (including cheerleading!)

 So do sign up for a club/society! You’ll never regret the experiences and friends made through them.