Women’s Affairs Collective (WAC)


The Women’s Affairs Collective (WAC), consisting of interested individuals as well as the elected female representatives, is concerned with working towards gender equality and the empowerment of woman in Monash University.

WAC is responsible in maintaining the wom*n’s room, organising various events for female students in Monash University (talks, workshops, competitions and etc.) and take care of the welfare of female students.

The wom*n’s room is located at Room 6205. It is a place for the female student to rest and mingle around. We provide monthly updated magazines, coffee/tea as well as emergency sanitary napkin in the women’s room.

Operating hours : 10am – 5pm

If you are interested in helping to make the university a better and safer place for women, and also increase awareness of gender issues,
please contact us:

Fizzah Riaz +6011-2117 0954
Charulatha Pitigala +6017-629 4355

or email us at musa.womens@monash.edu to share your thoughts.