Welfare Affairs Committee

  • To put forward initiatives and organize events that cater to the physical, mental and emotional welfare of the students of Monash
  • To address welfare concerns regarding the welfare of female students, facilities as well as eateries on campus.
  • To meet once every 3 weeks.

This committee consists of 10 members which include the Welfare Officers, Women’s Officers, MUISS division (2) and 4 other members as selected by the MSC.

The Welfare Committee is established with an aim to help students achieve a certain level of well-being – with regards to material and physical well-being- as a student of Monash University Sunway Campus. We run two major sections, which are facilities and events, to achieve our aims.

Welfare Committee is divided into 2 sub-departments which are:

  1. Facilities
  2. Events.

The Welfare Officers are Office-bearers in the Monash University Student Council. We are responsible for the material and physical well-being of Monash University students. Hence, we lead a sub-committee full of dedicated fellow Monashians to organize and run events and operate facilities through the whole semester.

Other than that, we also provide help with many a problem a student may face in their university life; that is, within our power and qualifications as student council members.

In the Welfare Department, we have specific teams of sub-committee members assigned to organise and run events throughout the semester.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and ways to improve student life in Monash Sunway, so yeah, don’t be shy, drop by and say hi!!

If you have any ideas/suggestion or would like to join the committee, please contact the Welfare Officers

at  musa.welfare@monash.edu or walk into MUSA Welfare anytime during our office hours (10am-4pm)

For further information, please contact the Welfare Officers:

Lai Kin Lok +6012-920 3610
Chow Jia Xin +6019-268 2098 


or email us at musa.welfare@monash.edu