Media Administrative Committees (MAC)

  • To provide broad guidelines on the publishing and distribution of media material be it hardcopy/social media platforms.
  • To put forward initiatives to expand the reach of the Association to as many students  as possible.
  • To meet once every 4 weeks with the exception before the beginning of the semester as to publish the Orientation booklet.

This committee consist of 10 members which include the General Secretary, Publicity Officers, Editors, MUISS division and C&S division.

The Media Administrative Committees (MAC) manages the campus Media Unit, audio-visual services and other MUSA publicity-related commercial activities. MUSA publication includes MonGa, Mondo and Mima. It supervises all finances related to each MUSA publication and reports them to the Monash Student Council during the council meeting.

The MAC is chaired by the General Secretary and it consists of the Publicity Officers, a Publicity Committee member, two members directly elected by and from students and the Editors.

Please refer to the contact details of list of officers at  About Us > Student Council

For further information, please contact the General Secretary:

MUSA Office 6106
Khor Jing Ying 
+6012-495 2572

Meeting Minutes