Elections Committee

  • To provide the blueprint of the Elections to the chosen Returning Officer to execute the Elections.
  • Aimed at increasing the reach of the Election as currently on 25% of the student population are involved in the elections.
  • To meet every four weeks to a minimum of two times a semester in Semester 1 to coordinate the electoral process.
  • Upon the end of the Annual Elections and submission of report to the MSC and President, the Election Committee would not be required to conduct meetings.
This Committee is not to be involved in the execution/influence of the electoral system but merely to provide the blueprint for the election to be proposed to the MSC and executed by the Returning Officer. This Committee consists of 5 members which include the General Secretary, C&S division Secretary, MUISS division Secretary and two other members selected by the MSC. Monash Student Council (MSC) is formed through annual election. MSC consists of 3 main parts, which are Monash University Student Association (MUSA), Monash University International Student Services (MUISS) and Monash University Postgraduates Association (MUPA). As the name suggested, MUISS is only opened for international students and MUPA is for postgraduates students.

Annual Election for each association is as below:

MUSA – September / October
MUISS – April / May
MUPA – September / October

For further information, please contact the General Secretary:
MUSA Office 6106