Education Affairs Committee (EAC)

  • To put forward initiatives and organize events that will enhance the learning experience of students on campus via school trips or workshops additional to the lectures and tutorials.
  • To discuss matters pertaining to education which were raised in APC hearings or to be brought up to the Campus Education Committee or Academic Advisory Board.
  • Advocate and uphold students’ education rights and developing education policies for MUSA and provide funding.
  • To meet once every 4 weeks during the semesters.

This committee consists of 9 members which include the Vice-Presidents, and one School Representative from each school.. (Remove EAC and put the full thing) along with the provided info:

“The Education Affairs Committee (EAC) is chaired by the Vice President, and is made up of MUSA council school representatives from each faculty, the President, General Secretary, and students that wish to contribute.

Areas of primary interest of the EAC include advocating and upholding student rights, developing educational policies for MUSA, and making funding available to the student body in order to fund campaigns and projects.

The EAC is always looking for more members to contribute new ideas, so join now!

Besides, We provide subsidies to students who are interested to join competitions and conferences, representing Monash University Malaysia.”

For more information, please contact the Vice Presidents:

Nikita Matilda Fernandes +6011-6060 5882
Siow Zhi Shuen +6017-810 6664

or email us at