Activities Advisory Committee (AAC)

  • To have an oversight of the major activities on campus every semester.
  • Provide feedback and advice on the execution of the major events and a platform to brainstorm new ideas.
  • Enables broad oversight on the planning of events and provide assistance where necessary.
  • To meet every two weeks before the semester begins and every two weeks during the semester for a minimum of 5 times during the semester.

This committee consists of 10 members which include the MUISS division (2), C&S division (2), Activities Chairperson (2) and 4 other members selected by the MSC.

The Activities Advisory Committee is responsible in organizing major social events for the students of Monash University to balance out their studying life with exciting and fun activities and events.

Events such as the Orientation Bash and the Monash Annual Ball are events that you can expect from us every year. Other than those few traditional events, the Activities Advisory Committee also offers students with new and creative events which vary along the years. Past events include the Monash Music Festival, Monash Talent Night, the Monash Extreme Sports Carnival, and the Monash Amazing Race and so on.

To achieve a successful event, it is important to have marvelous planning skills and responsibility. The Activities Advisory Committee is looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to come join us and experience something outside the textbook.

For further information, please contact the Activities Chairpersons:

Matthew Tegjeu  +018-206 5877                                                                                                                            

or email us at