Welcome to Monash Malaysia!

Come One, Come All

Here at Monash we welcome everyone no matter the gender, age, race, religion or sexuality. We want to ensure that all students feel safe when they step into our grounds. We are all people and we are all here to learn and grow together. MUSA would like to welcome you to our humble abode. Join us, and become a part of our big family of students. We wish you the best of luck in your studies and everything else you are going to do in the future.


*Sometimes the change in environment and studies can get stressful and hard to manage, fret not! Monash has a counselling unit dedicated to help you with anything you may be struggling with. If you find yourself having a hard time and don’t know who to talk to, check out the counselling unit, because no one should ever have to feel like they have to suffer alone in silence.