Food Options Near Monash

Why there is No Food???

Bored of the food in Monash? Looking for new places to have good food?

Look no further! Here are some of the popular places Monashians go to fill their stomachs!

A Japanese food place that sells delicious and healthy poke bowls. Choose what goes into your bowl from the type of rice to the sauces.

Being the closest place to get Mexican food in Monash, Thyme out has become one of the restaurants that students with more adventurous taste buds visit frequently.

The burger reimagined. With dishes like mushroom fries and the Jammin With Elvis burger on their menu, there is no way you could get bored with eating that this place!

The most famous chicken rice in all of Sunway, if you never step foot into this shop in all of your time studying at Monash you are truly missing out. Be sure to head there earlier as this chicken rice sells faster then hotcakes.

One of the cheaper food places around experience local Indian food at this mamak. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get food at late night as this restaurant is literally open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Not to mention that they also provide the option of  getting the food sent directly to your doorstep.

A hawker stall filled with vendors of all sorts, Rock is a good place to go to when you can’t decide what to eat and are looking for food that will not hurt your wallet.


We hope that this lists will help you in your food hunt around Sunway!