Facilities in Monash Malaysia

What can I do while I’m studying in Monash Malaysia?

Since none of us are robots made of metal and programmed by scientists (at least we hope), there is no way that we can function normally if all that we do is study. So, what else is there for us to do to try and maintain a balanced life in Monash?

Join a Club or Society

With more than 40 clubs, there is definitely a group out there for you. Find people of similar interests and step out of your comfort zone. You never know, some of these people might end up being your closets friends for years and years to come.

Visit the Student Lounge

Chill and relax in the student lounge where you can find video games, board games, foosball, pool and other fun recreational activities.

Play a Sport and Exercise

Monash cares for the health of its students. That is why they have invested a lot to create and manage spaces for students to exercise and have fun. Some of the facilities that are available for students include the MUSA gym (located at MUSA building, level 2), a badminton court and multi-sport courts (these courts are managed by MUSA so head over to level 1 of the MUSA lounge for any booking enquiries).